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Simple Shed Plans

Gable Shed Plans

Building a garden shed is a straight forward process, that will create an useful storage space in your backyard, if you pay attention to the core steps. First of all, you have to choose the right garden shed plans free for your needs and tastes, select the location for the wooden construction and use the right tools, techniques and materials for the job. 

Generally speaking, building a garden shed could be quite an expensive project, therefore you should have a good cost management or build it by yourself. Even if a diy project could seem complex for inexperienced builders, actually it's pretty easy to get a professional result, if you follow our guidelines and work with judgement.

Choosing the Right Shed Plans 

Storage shed plans
You should remember from the very beginning that there are many things you should know before starting the actual project. Consequently, you have to go first to the local building department to get accustomed to the legal requirements. In most of the cases, you will learn more about several technical aspects, such as the depth of the concrete footings, the height of the construction or the distance you have to leave up to the property fence. Irrespective of the case, you have to comply with the building regulations and plan the storage shed plans according to the legal guidelines.

On the other hand, there are many shapes and designs to choose from when building a simple shed, therefore you have to tackle this aspect with great care and attention. From our experience, we recommend you to study attentively the design elements of your garden and house, and try to design a shed with a similar design. There are many cases when you might see a shed you like in your neighborhood. Just talk to the owners and ask them details about the building process. You cannot even imagine how many things could go wrong, therefore it would be better to learn from the mistakes of others.

Selecting the Design of the Shed 

For most of the people, the hardest part of building a simple shed is about coming up with a design that fits your requirements and the terrain. That is why you should find answers for many questions such as: What size should the shed have? What is the best location to build the garden shed?

Generally speaking, a well-designed storage shed will harmonize with the style of your house and garden. Even if this is a complex procedure, you should take your time to draw many sketches, until you find the right design. During the initial planning, your family should come with their ideas and feedback.

Building a Garden Shed 

Building a shed is a straightforward job, therefore any person with the basic woodworking skills can handle the process easily. Nevertheless, you should remember that the construction process of a shed is time consuming, therefore you should make sure you have enough time (about one week), before starting the actual project.

Luckily, this is an outdoor project, therefore the mess won't affect your daily life, as in the case of a large house remodeling. In order to obtain a professional result, you have to choose a shady location to store the raw materials and the tools. Make sure you place the lumber on a level surface, otherwise the materials might damage.

Every remember of your family might have different visions regarding the garden shed, therefore you have to gather all their opinions and design a shed that satisfied their needs alike. Think about what you will store in the shed, before planning the size of the shed, to make sure your garden tools would fit easily inside the construction.

Video About Basic Shed Construction 

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