joi, 27 decembrie 2012

Building a simple cold frame

Build a cold frame 

If you want to protect your little plans from cold weather, you should build at least a small cold frame. Use 1x8 or 1x10 boards to build the frame, making sure you cut the side walls at about 15 degrees. In this manner, the sun rays will warm the inside of the cold frame and create a proper climate for the plants. Choose proper cold frame plans from the very beginning, if you want to get the job done quickly.

You could adjust the size of the cold frame according to your needs. Irrespective of your choice, you should use quality materials (cedar, pressure treated lumber, pine or redwood). Build a small frame from 2x2 lumber and attach 1/4'' poly-carbonate sheets to build the lids of the cold frame.

After building the cold frame, you should choose a proper location. Basically, the frame should get enough light for at least 8-10 hours a day, otherwise the plans won't be able to grow properly. Don't forget to ventilate the cold frame in the sunny days, when the interior temperature increases.

Building a basic greenhouse

On the other hand, you could build a small greenhouse, if the right plans and techniques are used. A greenhouse will provide you more space for your plans and therefore you could grow tomatoes and peppers, while in a cold frame you could only grow plans like lettuce or herbs.

In order to build a basic greenhouse, you need to use common materials, such as 2x4 lumber. Build the side walls on a level surface before fitting them into place. In order to join the frames together, we recommend you to drive 3 1/2'' into the adjacent frames.

Basic Greenhouse - Video

sâmbătă, 8 decembrie 2012

Choosing the right shed plans

Preliminary Steps
Building a shed is one of the most complex projects you could do in your garden, so special attention has to be paid to the preliminary stages. From our experience, anyone with basic woodworking skills can get the job done in just a few days, if the professional plans are used, as well as proper tools and materials.

The first step you should do before choosing the right shed plans is to go to the building office, to learn more about the legal requirements. In some case, small shed don't require a building permit, while large constructions require one in any situation. After knowing these requirements, it is a lot easier to select the most appropriate plans for your needs.

Lean to Shed
If you have a narrow backyard, building a lean to shed is a great idea. In addition, if you attach the shed to an existing building, you could save even more space. A lean to shed implies little work and skills, as you need to make just a few cuts and join the components together in a professional manner. See here some plans.

Gable Shed
A shed with a gable roof provides many advantages, as it is one of the most common types of constructions.any one has see a building with a gable roof and the framing structure. If you choose the right angle  you could even add a loft, as to increase the storage surface. See here some plans.

Gambrel Shed
A traditional barn shed could add character to any garden, if the right tools and techniques are used. From our experience, we strongly recommend you to use professional plans, otherwise it will be quite hard to build the rafters at the right angle and size. Adding decorative trims to the shed will also enhance its look and change the appearance on any backyard. See here some plans.

Large Shed 
A large shed is a complex construction, but very useful, as it can be used as a workshop or as storage space.   Building a large shed (more than 16x16) requires a significant investment, but the techniques required are basically the same. Usually the large sheds have a gable roof, as it is easy to build and has a beautiful look. Nevertheless, in most of the cases, you need to ask an engineer to plan the roof trusses, due to their size. In addition these rafters have to support a lot of weight, so you need to ask an expert before getting the job started. See here some plans.

Firewood Shed
Storing firewood properly requires a proper shed, usually called firewood shed. This constructions is basic, as you just need to build a durable floor and cover it with a lean to roof. In addition, if you want to protect the firewood from bad weather, it would be a great idea to add wooden walls to the sides and teh back of the shed. See here some plans.

marți, 4 decembrie 2012

Dog house plans free

Choosing the right plans

Taking into account the wintertime is here, you should considered building a proper dog house for your favorite pet. In addition, an insulated dog house kit is expensive for most of us, so a diy project is a good solution for most of us.

Generally speaking, dog houses come in many shapes and sizes, so you should choose the ones that fit the needs of you pets. If you choose professional plans and quality materials, you can get the job done is leas than a day investing less than 150 dollars. If you are an amateur builder, you should build a simple dog house.

Place the dog house on several concrete slabs to lift the box about 2'' above the ground. In this manner, you will protect the dog house from bad weather. If you place the opening on one side of the dog house, you will keep the inside warm. Check if the dog has enough room to enter the dog house.

Building an insulated dog house

Building an insulated dog house is relatively easy, but it will change dramatically the comfort of you pet. In addition, you just need to build the frame of the wooden box out of 2x2 lumber and fit rigid insulation boards between the studs. Align everything at both ends, if you want to get a professional result.

Attach 1/4'' plywood inside the dog house, to build the interior walls. Drive in the finish nails trough the 1/4'' plywood, making sure the head of the screws are level with the surface of the walls, otherwise your pet might injure.