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Building a simple cold frame

Build a cold frame 

If you want to protect your little plans from cold weather, you should build at least a small cold frame. Use 1x8 or 1x10 boards to build the frame, making sure you cut the side walls at about 15 degrees. In this manner, the sun rays will warm the inside of the cold frame and create a proper climate for the plants. Choose proper cold frame plans from the very beginning, if you want to get the job done quickly.

You could adjust the size of the cold frame according to your needs. Irrespective of your choice, you should use quality materials (cedar, pressure treated lumber, pine or redwood). Build a small frame from 2x2 lumber and attach 1/4'' poly-carbonate sheets to build the lids of the cold frame.

After building the cold frame, you should choose a proper location. Basically, the frame should get enough light for at least 8-10 hours a day, otherwise the plans won't be able to grow properly. Don't forget to ventilate the cold frame in the sunny days, when the interior temperature increases.

Building a basic greenhouse

On the other hand, you could build a small greenhouse, if the right plans and techniques are used. A greenhouse will provide you more space for your plans and therefore you could grow tomatoes and peppers, while in a cold frame you could only grow plans like lettuce or herbs.

In order to build a basic greenhouse, you need to use common materials, such as 2x4 lumber. Build the side walls on a level surface before fitting them into place. In order to join the frames together, we recommend you to drive 3 1/2'' into the adjacent frames.

Basic Greenhouse - Video

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Choosing the right shed plans

Preliminary Steps
Building a shed is one of the most complex projects you could do in your garden, so special attention has to be paid to the preliminary stages. From our experience, anyone with basic woodworking skills can get the job done in just a few days, if the professional plans are used, as well as proper tools and materials.

The first step you should do before choosing the right shed plans is to go to the building office, to learn more about the legal requirements. In some case, small shed don't require a building permit, while large constructions require one in any situation. After knowing these requirements, it is a lot easier to select the most appropriate plans for your needs.

Lean to Shed
If you have a narrow backyard, building a lean to shed is a great idea. In addition, if you attach the shed to an existing building, you could save even more space. A lean to shed implies little work and skills, as you need to make just a few cuts and join the components together in a professional manner. See here some plans.

Gable Shed
A shed with a gable roof provides many advantages, as it is one of the most common types of constructions.any one has see a building with a gable roof and the framing structure. If you choose the right angle  you could even add a loft, as to increase the storage surface. See here some plans.

Gambrel Shed
A traditional barn shed could add character to any garden, if the right tools and techniques are used. From our experience, we strongly recommend you to use professional plans, otherwise it will be quite hard to build the rafters at the right angle and size. Adding decorative trims to the shed will also enhance its look and change the appearance on any backyard. See here some plans.

Large Shed 
A large shed is a complex construction, but very useful, as it can be used as a workshop or as storage space.   Building a large shed (more than 16x16) requires a significant investment, but the techniques required are basically the same. Usually the large sheds have a gable roof, as it is easy to build and has a beautiful look. Nevertheless, in most of the cases, you need to ask an engineer to plan the roof trusses, due to their size. In addition these rafters have to support a lot of weight, so you need to ask an expert before getting the job started. See here some plans.

Firewood Shed
Storing firewood properly requires a proper shed, usually called firewood shed. This constructions is basic, as you just need to build a durable floor and cover it with a lean to roof. In addition, if you want to protect the firewood from bad weather, it would be a great idea to add wooden walls to the sides and teh back of the shed. See here some plans.

marți, 4 decembrie 2012

Dog house plans free

Choosing the right plans

Taking into account the wintertime is here, you should considered building a proper dog house for your favorite pet. In addition, an insulated dog house kit is expensive for most of us, so a diy project is a good solution for most of us.

Generally speaking, dog houses come in many shapes and sizes, so you should choose the ones that fit the needs of you pets. If you choose professional plans and quality materials, you can get the job done is leas than a day investing less than 150 dollars. If you are an amateur builder, you should build a simple dog house.

Place the dog house on several concrete slabs to lift the box about 2'' above the ground. In this manner, you will protect the dog house from bad weather. If you place the opening on one side of the dog house, you will keep the inside warm. Check if the dog has enough room to enter the dog house.

Building an insulated dog house

Building an insulated dog house is relatively easy, but it will change dramatically the comfort of you pet. In addition, you just need to build the frame of the wooden box out of 2x2 lumber and fit rigid insulation boards between the studs. Align everything at both ends, if you want to get a professional result.

Attach 1/4'' plywood inside the dog house, to build the interior walls. Drive in the finish nails trough the 1/4'' plywood, making sure the head of the screws are level with the surface of the walls, otherwise your pet might injure.

duminică, 21 octombrie 2012

How to fix a small hole in drywall

Choosing the right solution for the damaged area

Being a homeowner doesn't only imply great moments spend with our families, but also a great responsibility  Taking into account the inherent drywall damages, anyone should know how to fix at least the small holes in the wall, as to save money and get the job done quickly.

Nevertheless, as to obtain a proper result, as to not being able to tell where the repair is, you have focus on a few aspects, which we will be referring in this article. On the other hand, rent yourself a 6'' scraper, a a keyhole saw and  a sharp utility knife. You will see in just a a couple of moments where we will use them and more importantly how. Fixing small holes in drywall is easy, so make sure you pay attention to our tips.

How to fix a small hole in drywall

Fixing a hole in drywall
Firstly, you ought to check the damaged surface and see how bad is in fact. Roughly speaking, if the hole is less deeper than half an inch or narrower than 3 inches, you could fix it easily without securing a piece of drywall to a backer support.

After you clean the area thoroughly, you have to buy a repair kit from one of the large diy stores. Read carefully the instructions, before repairing the hole. Moreover, remove all the residues and the fragments that is loose, before installing the patch over the hole. We recommend you to sand around the holes, otherwise the compound isn't going to stick to the wall properly.

Attach the patch over the small hole and press it tightly, as to remove all the pockets of air. Next, prepare drywall compound in a small bucket and apply it to the dent with a large 6'' knife. Apply the first coat with great attention, as you need to cover the whole area and remove any air pockets. Let the compound to dry out a little, before spreading the second layer of drywall compound. Make sure the joints between the wall and  the patch are smooth  otherwise the repair will be highly visible by anyone. Leave it harden overnight and sand the compound with good judgement, making sure there is a great transition between the wall and the the repaired surface. See more about how to fix large holes in drywall, by clicking the link.

Use fine git sandpaper to remove the irregularities, apply the primer and paint the small area with the appropriate color. Work with great care, if you want to obtain a professional result.

Fixing holes in drywall

See a detailed video about fixing small holes in the wall. As we have already pointed out, you need prepare everything form the very beginning, if you want to get a great result. If you use random techniques and wrong tools, you will repair the damaged are poorly. The secret of getting a professional repair and a smooth wall, it's to spread the mud as thin as possible, making sure the transition is gradual.  

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Carport Plans Free

Carport Plans

If you are thinking about having a car port designed, you will no question need to determine what design you will develop. There are a number of different designs, some more matched than others for different designs and car port specifications. Of the many options available, connected or separated, gable end, hip roof or attached constructions. Choose carport building plans before starting the actual construction. Make sure you study the problem with good judgement, if you want to get the job done as a professional. If you don't have a large garden, you should consider building an attached carport. In this manner you can save money and build the carport by yourself.

Carport Plans
One of the greatest restrictions in many car port development tasks is the quantity of area available for constructions. If you live in the town, this is probably going to limit the place and design of your car port. Sometimes it just isn't possible to put a car port behind the house, so you are limited to the available area normally used for your drive way.

An attached carport has many advantages, as it is close to the house. Therefore, you will have a quick access to the house, during the rainy days. Just imagine yourself coming out of the car and getting directly into the house.

If the available area for the car port is limited then your best choice might be just one slop or trim to car port. This kind of car port allows you to increase the interior area in the car port while keeping the overall impact to a smallest. Make sure you measure the size of the car and design the carport accordingly. If you drive a large SUV, your car might not fit inside the construction. Therefore, make sure there is enough space around the car.

When it comes to area specifications, the duration of your car port is often a bit more versatile. This is actually an ideal place to gain useful storage space area when making a car port in limited areas. If you increase your car port beyond the area required to playground your car or other vehicle that you plan to store, then you can add storage space lockers at the back for obtaining small items. If you have enough area you could even develop a storage space or workroom at the end of your vehicle automobile parking space.

Deciding to add a car port to the house will no question increase the value of your property, and is a great way to secure your automobiles or valuables for the smallest possible investment. You might not think you have enough area for protected car vehicle parking, but if you are willing to develop a trim to car port, you may be able to fit it in.

Build a Carport

After choosing the free carport plans, you have to buy all the materials, from your local diy store. Ask for estimates and choose the best offer in terms of money and quality. Lean to carports or individual mountain carports allow for appropriate rainfall run-off and can let gathered ice to liquefy. A lean to carport is ways to build from lumber, if you use the right tools and components. Attach the posts to a concrete concrete or pour concrete footings. If the only possible place for your car port is next to the house or another framework such as a garage area then you might find yourself limited in the kind of car port you are able to develop.

Free Carport Plans
Single car carports look much more important to the property than a construction for two cars. The same roof structure content can be used for these carports and the message of the ceiling can be equalled up exactly.  If you are considering including a car port that has a ceiling at a different message than the message of the ceiling on the house, take images of your current house and create two duplicates.

Flat ceiling carports have one unique benefits over other types of carports. A smooth ceiling car port can be used as a outdoor patio or a tested in patio.

Hire a contractor if you don't have the expertise or the time to undertake the diy carport. Ask an estimate from several handymen, before choosing the carpenter. This would most certainly increase the total costs of the project, but you have the guarantee of a well-done project.

If you plan everything with great care and attention, you can get the job done by yourself. Just select the carport design that fits your needs and buy quality materials. Align all the components together before inserting the screws and the fasteners. Ask a friend to help you if you want to get the job done quickly. The other person should hold the components into place while you drive in the screws.

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DIY Bbq Plans

A large grill is a great addition to any garden, as it enhances its look and adds value to the property. If you want something unique, you could build a traditional barbecue island, using regulars bricks and several stainless steel appliances. Nevertheless, if you want to keep the expenditures under control, use concrete blocks to build the walls and then cover them with bricks. Last but not least, cover the  countertop with ceramic tile, granite, stone or travertine, . 

Brick Bbq
You could also try to build a bbq smoker, if you like to cook them meat in an unique manner. If you want a small scale project, it would be a great idea to transform a can in a small smoker. Afterwards, if it works and you like the taste of the meat, you could build a larger barbeque with a smoker.

There are many sizes, designs and shapes you could use when building the barbeque. Study carefully the options and choose the one that fits your needs and tastes. Work with great care and judgement if you want to obtain a professional result. 

After choosing the right bbq plans for your needs, buy all materials required for the job, to have them at hand when constructing the barbecue island. Measure the opening and the size of the accessories, before fitting them into place. Compute how many tiles you need for your barbeque island, otherwise they might not be enough. 

Check the local building codes to see how thick the slab must be, before digging in the ground. Finish the concrete slab with a nice straight edge, in order to get the job done in a professional manner.

Let the concrete dry out for several days before laying the concrete blocks into place. While the back and the side walls have to be continuous, leave enough space in the front, to install the doors. Before gluing the concrete blocks into place, make sure one last time the appliances fit into place.

Last but not least, cover the exterior faces of the barbeque with bricks. Remove the excess mortar, making sure the lines between the bricks are consistent.

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Diy Brick Barbeque Plans

Building a Simple  Barbeque 

Outdoor barbeques have become more and popular, as there come at a decent price, but have a huge impact on the look of your backyard. If you want to surprise the loved ones and impress your friends, building a small barbeque could be a smart choice.
Pizza Oven Plans
After you know the legal requirements related to this kind of project, we recommend you to search for outdoor bbq plans that fit your needs and tastes

The size of the barbeque could vary significantly, therefore you should assess these aspects from the very beginning. If you want to build the bbq in your garden, a small surface of 20 sq ft is quire enough for the main construction. Nevertheless, you should consider building a beautiful patio, in order to set a wooden table with several chairs.

On the other hand, if you want a small gas or electrical barbeque, you could place it inside your house. Nevertheless, you should read the manufacturer's instructions with great care and pay attention to the safety considerations.

If you really want an unique barbeque, we recommend you to build one by yourself in the backyard, even if the total costs will be higher than a common stainless steel appliance. Therefore, buy the materials and the tools required for the job and lay out the foundation in a professional manner, using batter boards.

If you really want to impress the loved ones with an amazing project, you should consider adding a pizza oven and large concrete counter-top to your project. Taking into consideration there are many outdoor pizza oven plans, you should take the final decision according to your needs and tastes. Assess the alternatives with great care and

Buying a Barbeque Kit

Brick Oven Plans
Nevertheless, if you don't have enough time or skills to undertake the project by yourself, we recommend you to buy a professional kit. These kits are designed by reputable companies that have spend a significant amount of time searching for the most efficient materials and shape.

The bbq kits come with all the components required for the job, as well as with the mortars and other accessories.

Just follow the step by step instructions included in the kit and ask a friend to assist you when assembling the components. Don't forget to let the mortar to dry out properly (at least one week), before making the first fire inside the pizza oven.

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Simple Shed Plans

Gable Shed Plans

Building a garden shed is a straight forward process, that will create an useful storage space in your backyard, if you pay attention to the core steps. First of all, you have to choose the right garden shed plans free for your needs and tastes, select the location for the wooden construction and use the right tools, techniques and materials for the job. 

Generally speaking, building a garden shed could be quite an expensive project, therefore you should have a good cost management or build it by yourself. Even if a diy project could seem complex for inexperienced builders, actually it's pretty easy to get a professional result, if you follow our guidelines and work with judgement.

Choosing the Right Shed Plans 

Storage shed plans
You should remember from the very beginning that there are many things you should know before starting the actual project. Consequently, you have to go first to the local building department to get accustomed to the legal requirements. In most of the cases, you will learn more about several technical aspects, such as the depth of the concrete footings, the height of the construction or the distance you have to leave up to the property fence. Irrespective of the case, you have to comply with the building regulations and plan the storage shed plans according to the legal guidelines.

On the other hand, there are many shapes and designs to choose from when building a simple shed, therefore you have to tackle this aspect with great care and attention. From our experience, we recommend you to study attentively the design elements of your garden and house, and try to design a shed with a similar design. There are many cases when you might see a shed you like in your neighborhood. Just talk to the owners and ask them details about the building process. You cannot even imagine how many things could go wrong, therefore it would be better to learn from the mistakes of others.

Selecting the Design of the Shed 

For most of the people, the hardest part of building a simple shed is about coming up with a design that fits your requirements and the terrain. That is why you should find answers for many questions such as: What size should the shed have? What is the best location to build the garden shed?

Generally speaking, a well-designed storage shed will harmonize with the style of your house and garden. Even if this is a complex procedure, you should take your time to draw many sketches, until you find the right design. During the initial planning, your family should come with their ideas and feedback.

Building a Garden Shed 

Building a shed is a straightforward job, therefore any person with the basic woodworking skills can handle the process easily. Nevertheless, you should remember that the construction process of a shed is time consuming, therefore you should make sure you have enough time (about one week), before starting the actual project.

Luckily, this is an outdoor project, therefore the mess won't affect your daily life, as in the case of a large house remodeling. In order to obtain a professional result, you have to choose a shady location to store the raw materials and the tools. Make sure you place the lumber on a level surface, otherwise the materials might damage.

Every remember of your family might have different visions regarding the garden shed, therefore you have to gather all their opinions and design a shed that satisfied their needs alike. Think about what you will store in the shed, before planning the size of the shed, to make sure your garden tools would fit easily inside the construction.

Video About Basic Shed Construction 

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Outdoor pizza oven plans

Building a pizza oven

An outdoor pizza oven is a great addition to any backyard if you like to spend most of your afternoons outside. Although this project might look simple, we can assure you there are many things that can go wrong, therefore follow our tips and learn from our experience.

Irrespective of your tastes and needs, you have to work in a professional manner if you want to impress your friends and relatives. Building a wood fired pizza oven is easy if you know what you're doing, but even if you don't, you can learn how to build a pizza oven basics from this step by step article.

Planing a pizza oven

outdoor pizza oven plans, free pizza oven plans, diy outdoor pizza oven plans,
Outdoor Pizza Oven
There are many things you should take into account before starting your project, especially if you don't have experience in the field. Therefore, if you want to undertake this project by yourself, you have to learn the basic bricklaying techniques, as you need to work with concrete blocks and bricks. In addition, you need to use specialized tools, such as a brick saw, a margin trowel or a concrete mixer. In order to save some money, you could rent these tools for a few days, as they are quite expensive.

Firs of all, you should obtain a building permit for your outdoor pizza oven (some areas require a building permit, while others don't, or ask for large constructions). From our own experience, we recommend you to  consult the local building codes before beginning the actual construction, in order to comply with the legal specifications.

Choosing the right plans

Building a pizza oven is not difficult if you use the right tools and materials. Work with great care and use proper plans. If you want a professional result you should check how to make a wood fired pizza oven for more information on the topic.

There are many pizza oven plans available on the internet, some of them are free, while others cost somewhere between 5-20 dollars. If you have found the brick oven design and plans that suit your tastes and budget, you should make this small payments. Nevertheless, before buying the pizza oven plans, you should make sure they come with a thorough list of material and a cost estimation. In this manner, it would be a lot easier to manage this project, otherwise you might not know what to buy and what price to pay for the raw materials. If you want to design the brick oven by yourself, you should draw a rough sketch, after consulting with the rest of your family. The best way to generate creative ideas is to encourage them to share their ideas and to see things from a different perspective.

After selecting the right plans for your needs, you should decide where to build the brick oven. The first priority is to choose the location, as to enhance the look of the oven, but in the same time to fit with the rest of the landscape. Moreover, the location of the construction should comply with the building permit, otherwise you risk a significant fine.

Afterwards, buy the needed materials from your local diy store, using the lists that comes with the free pizza oven plans. Make sure you select the bricks properly, otherwise they might not resist to the high temperatures inside the pizza oven dome. As a general rule, the bricks should have an uniform color on all faces (dark red) and shouldn't have any visible cracks, like cracks or chips. Buy everything you need, otherwise you will waste valuable time by making several trips to the diy store.

Building an Outdoor Pizza Oven

One of the most important aspects of this project  is to build a sturdy concrete foundation and a durable base for the outdoor pizza oven plans. Therefore, you need to dig about 10'' in the ground, install a dense net of reinforcement bars and fill the wooden form with concrete. In order to obtain a horizontal surface, we recommend you to use a straight edge. Place the straight edge over the wooden form and pull it trough, using zig-zag moves. The elevation of the concrete foundation has to be be between 5-10'', in order to protect it against rain and snow.

Next, build the base of the pizza oven, by using concrete blocks. Use a spirit level to plumb the blocks, otherwise you might not be satisfied with your results. Mix a small quantity of cement based mortar and spread it on the blocks, before installing the rest of the wall. Use a margin trowel to spread a uniform layer of mortar and tap the blocks with a rubber mallet to set the blocks into place. Afterwards, you have to build the  concrete counter-top. Don't forget to reinforce the top with many reinforcement bars. If you choose the right outdoor oven plans free, the end result would satisfactory.

Building the dome of the pizza oven is not difficult is you use the right techniques. If you don't have any kind of expertise in the field, the easiest way is to use a form. After you have set the form into place, lay the bricks, one by one, until you obtain the desired shape. We strongly recommend you to lay the bricks together with a mix of clay and mortar, as a cement based mortar won'r resist against the high temperature developed inside the pizza oven.

Last but not least, install the chimney of the pizza oven, either you buy a steel one or choose to build it, using regular bricks. The procedure is straight forward, but you should make sure the chimney is high enough to direct the smoke an the sparks far away from flammable substances and wooden constructions. In order to make your wood fired oven more efficient, you could even add an insulation over the brick dome, using a mix of concrete and vermiculite.

Outdoor Pizza Oven Design