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How to fix a small hole in drywall

Choosing the right solution for the damaged area

Being a homeowner doesn't only imply great moments spend with our families, but also a great responsibility  Taking into account the inherent drywall damages, anyone should know how to fix at least the small holes in the wall, as to save money and get the job done quickly.

Nevertheless, as to obtain a proper result, as to not being able to tell where the repair is, you have focus on a few aspects, which we will be referring in this article. On the other hand, rent yourself a 6'' scraper, a a keyhole saw and  a sharp utility knife. You will see in just a a couple of moments where we will use them and more importantly how. Fixing small holes in drywall is easy, so make sure you pay attention to our tips.

How to fix a small hole in drywall

Fixing a hole in drywall
Firstly, you ought to check the damaged surface and see how bad is in fact. Roughly speaking, if the hole is less deeper than half an inch or narrower than 3 inches, you could fix it easily without securing a piece of drywall to a backer support.

After you clean the area thoroughly, you have to buy a repair kit from one of the large diy stores. Read carefully the instructions, before repairing the hole. Moreover, remove all the residues and the fragments that is loose, before installing the patch over the hole. We recommend you to sand around the holes, otherwise the compound isn't going to stick to the wall properly.

Attach the patch over the small hole and press it tightly, as to remove all the pockets of air. Next, prepare drywall compound in a small bucket and apply it to the dent with a large 6'' knife. Apply the first coat with great attention, as you need to cover the whole area and remove any air pockets. Let the compound to dry out a little, before spreading the second layer of drywall compound. Make sure the joints between the wall and  the patch are smooth  otherwise the repair will be highly visible by anyone. Leave it harden overnight and sand the compound with good judgement, making sure there is a great transition between the wall and the the repaired surface. See more about how to fix large holes in drywall, by clicking the link.

Use fine git sandpaper to remove the irregularities, apply the primer and paint the small area with the appropriate color. Work with great care, if you want to obtain a professional result.

Fixing holes in drywall

See a detailed video about fixing small holes in the wall. As we have already pointed out, you need prepare everything form the very beginning, if you want to get a great result. If you use random techniques and wrong tools, you will repair the damaged are poorly. The secret of getting a professional repair and a smooth wall, it's to spread the mud as thin as possible, making sure the transition is gradual.  

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