miercuri, 14 august 2013

Building a picnic table for kids

There are many designs and plans to choose from when building a picnic table, so make sure you have a few options before starting the construction of the components. Work with attention and invest your money wisely if you want to get a durable and professional result.

As you can see in the video, we recommend you to invest in weather-resistant lumber, such as pine, cedar or redwood, and to lock the components together tightly. Work with attention and pre-drill the components before inserting the screws.

Adjust the size and the shape of the picnic table to suit your needs, before starting the actual assembly. Sand the edges with a piece of sandpaper and or a router. Countersink the head of the screws before inserting them into place, otherwise the end result won't raise up to your expectations.

Fitting braces to the picnic table is a great idea, as it will make the whole structure more rigid. Work with attention and check out the full project here.