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DIY Bbq Plans

A large grill is a great addition to any garden, as it enhances its look and adds value to the property. If you want something unique, you could build a traditional barbecue island, using regulars bricks and several stainless steel appliances. Nevertheless, if you want to keep the expenditures under control, use concrete blocks to build the walls and then cover them with bricks. Last but not least, cover the  countertop with ceramic tile, granite, stone or travertine, . 

Brick Bbq
You could also try to build a bbq smoker, if you like to cook them meat in an unique manner. If you want a small scale project, it would be a great idea to transform a can in a small smoker. Afterwards, if it works and you like the taste of the meat, you could build a larger barbeque with a smoker.

There are many sizes, designs and shapes you could use when building the barbeque. Study carefully the options and choose the one that fits your needs and tastes. Work with great care and judgement if you want to obtain a professional result. 

After choosing the right bbq plans for your needs, buy all materials required for the job, to have them at hand when constructing the barbecue island. Measure the opening and the size of the accessories, before fitting them into place. Compute how many tiles you need for your barbeque island, otherwise they might not be enough. 

Check the local building codes to see how thick the slab must be, before digging in the ground. Finish the concrete slab with a nice straight edge, in order to get the job done in a professional manner.

Let the concrete dry out for several days before laying the concrete blocks into place. While the back and the side walls have to be continuous, leave enough space in the front, to install the doors. Before gluing the concrete blocks into place, make sure one last time the appliances fit into place.

Last but not least, cover the exterior faces of the barbeque with bricks. Remove the excess mortar, making sure the lines between the bricks are consistent.

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